oh hey!

could someone answer these questions for me

  • is there an eye trauma/eye injury scene in pacific rim (like, it takes place onscreen)
  • if so how … idk if graphic is the right word … is it
  • if it’s p bad is there a non-spoilery way to tell me when to look away

idk i wouldn’t usually bother but it’s been bothering me weirdly more than usual lately. so.

Anonymous sent: you're rly cool and rly clever and your outlook on the world is so beautiful and full of kindness and love and compassion that it gives me hope for humanity and you're gonna go crazy far in life and live up to Leslie Knope's standards and that you are sad sometimes about not having anyone to kiss, or that you might have the same experience of mental illness as me, is fucking awful and I'm rly sorry b/cos you deserve joy.

wow thank you this is


super nice

thank you <3 <3 <3

hey tumblr, advise me:

if a job listing is still up, but says in the description that they must receive the materials by a past date, is it worth applying anyway?

Anonymous sent: nooooo i wasn't being sarcastic i'm sorry if you thought that :(

haha no it’s fine! i mostly figured you were sincere and i appreciate it a lot

fallofhyperion replied to your post: hmm ok i have on like a flannel thing and a long…

you’re always supercute and i say this because you have the best personality

omg thank you you are too nice!

<3 <3 <3 <3

Anonymous sent: What are five things (bands/movies/books/tv shows) you feel passionate about?

oooooooh thank you for the question!

things i feel passionate about (that are bands/movies/books/tv shows) include:

  • star trek: deep space nine, show of my heart, show of my soul, no one deconstructs utopia and mixes cultures and privileges friendship and camaraderie like you do, my beautiful show
  • um, the harry potter books tbh? i am passionate about them as works of fiction (because i feel that fandom-centric love for them often misses a lot of the lit-crit type of things i love about them, and of course lit crit isn’t always interested) and also about them as defining a generation!
  • parks and recreation! beautiful optimistic show
  • new girl also b/c WOW the fact that people are laughing at these kindhearted shows these days totally warms my heart and fills me with hope, and because it’s about how your flaws are part of who you are for better and worse
  • i am embarrassingly passionate about the last picture show because HOLY FUCK HOW DO YOU CONSCIOUS DIRECTORIAL CHOICES, MR. BOGDANOVICH, HOLY FUCKING FUCK!
sybilreiszs sent: top 5 books you want to reread

ooooooooh hmm

  • i’ve been meaning to do a reread of the gemma doyle trilogy for ages now
  • i’d really like to reread margarettown, by gabrielle zevin
  • i am fucking always up for a desperaux read
  • it has been too long since i’ve visited with my beloved alice books
  • hmm i could always go for a reread of the song of songs, does that count?
maddiebrodatts-archive sent: leslie knope and allison argent

leslie knope:

my otp: ben!

my most hated pairing: hmm, i like all the commonly known ones i guess? leslie/not being her completely boss self.

my unusual otp: how unusual is otparks? because that.

my crossover otp: leslie/barack/michelle ot3 crossover with real life!!!

my friendship otp: leslie/ann DUH

character headcanon: this is a true thing about myself but sometimes i am leslie so: when she was a girl she said she wanted to be “president”, but never “first female president” because she wanted to believe there’d be another one before she was old enough

allison argent:

my otp: forever unable to decide between lydia as her maid of honor at her wedding to scott and scott as her best man at her wedding to lydia.

my most hated pairing: allison/being treated purely as a love interest.

my unusual otp: ohmygod i am ALL OVER this allison/scott/stiles shit.

my crossover otp: hmm i didn’t really have one but i feel like allison/luna lovegood could go down really well?

friendship otp: see the first answer.

character headcanon: she’s the reason they all stay friends for years—when they drift apart, it’s allison who calls lydia and stiles and scott and all the rest and invites them to sit on her couch and watch movies, and when they come together it’s still her couch they end up on.

andy-hurleys sent: A:TLA

the first character i fell in love with: sokkaaaaaaaaaaaa within like five minutes omg

the character i never expected to love as much as i do now: iroh, for sure. i was kind of annoyed by him in 1x01, actually, i thought he was lame comic relief. turned out he was a) actually funny and b) not just that.

the character everyone else loves that i don’t: oh man the extent to which i don’t give a shit about katara has to be seen to be believed.

the character i love that everyone else hates: i don’t think there are any? i do adore mai and i know some people don’t.

the character i used to love but don’t any longer: NONE OMG EVERYONE FULFILLED THEIR BEAUTIFUL PROMISE

the character i would totally smooch: zuko. azula. zuko and azula at the same time. (what?)

the character i’d want to be like: iroh. sokka, by the end of the series. (i have maybe more than i want to in common with zuko and once again i’d love to live up to his best moments.)

the character i’d slap: i don’t even know. that guy who was mean to azula in the daria episode (aka the beach to non-me people) because DON’T HURT MY BABY’S FEELINGS

a pairing that i love: katara/aang. zuko/sokka tbh but also zuko/mai. tyzulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

a pairing that i despise: i don’t really despise anything, but i’m not a big fan of zuko/katara or sokka/toph (cue entire fandom baring their teeth and growling, i knoooooooow)



but why not, you ask???? let me tell you

because tumblr saviour is fickle and tends to break or slow down when having too many things added to its blacklist.

if i have #food blocked, and you tag things with #tw food or #tw: food or #trigger warning: food or #blacklist: food or however, then i have to add all of those to the list for the same thing!! and if i only have 4 things to block that’s already 16 items on my blacklist!! wow

which will cause the posts to take longer to be blocked and cause detriment to the user.

how do we fix this??

by tagging with the blacklisted item first!

tagging things with #food tw and #food blacklist etc will catch all those posts with me only having #food blacklisted and takes just as much time!

it’s a way better and more efficient way of making things easier on folks with triggers or with things that upset or bother them! and it’d be real appreciated if put more into practice.

thank u

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