Femslash February!

I think a lot of us in fandom can agree on one thing: f/f doesn’t get enough love. So for the next month, let’s try to do something about it.

I pledge to focus my creative energies on ships between women for the month of February. While m/m and m/f shipping is great, let’s make this month all about the ladies.

I will make two fanworks—or more!—devoted to a lady ship. I’ll use my creative power to increase the number of f/f fanworks out there and the awareness of these awesome ships. And I hope you’ll join me in this.

How to participate?

Reblog this post!

If you’re a fanwork creator—whether a fic writer, a fanartist, a graphic maker, or something else (fanmixes, podfic, cosplay, anything goes!): decide to focus on f/f for the month. Make (at least!) two fanworks for f/f pairings throughout the month. Tag them #femslash february.

Whether you’re a creator or not: signal boost the shit out of this! Track the #femslash february tag! Show your love for the awesome works that are sure to come out of this!

Have questions? Just excited? Put it in the #femslash february tag or come talk to me, soaringrachel!

Let’s get creating!