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roots radical - rancid

about a girl - the academy is…

cape cod kwassa kwassa - vampire weekend

happily - one direction

everybody wants somebody - patrick stump

live while we’re young - one direction


since two anons asked about this, i’m making a separate post for this.

some asian american books/writers (that aren’t amy tan) that i would personally recommend are:

  • nora okja keller, comfort woman
  • fae myenne ng, bone
  • yiyun li, a thousand years of good prayers
  • jessica hagedorn, dogeaters
  • david henry hwang, m. butterfly
  • theresa hak kyung cha, dictee
  • marilyn chin, revenge of the mooncake vixen
  • rahul mehta, quarantine
  • ruth ozeki, my year of meats
  • lan samantha chang, hunger
  • cheryl lu-lien tan, a tiger in the kitchen
  • jhumpa lahiri, the namesake

comics/graphic novels:

  • adrian tomine, shortcomings
  • gene luen yang, american born chinese

anthologies/literary journals:

  • charlie chan is dead (2 volumes)
  • asian american literary review (biannual publication)
  • how do i begin? a hmong american literary anthology

i haven’t actually read their work but i’ve also heard good things about chang-rae lee and ha jin


p.s. feel free to add to this list

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wow this was really difficult there are SO MANY SONGS. i tried to choose ones i think you’d like?? idk friend there’s a lot of songs so uhh ok i’m gonna do a kind of pop one and a MUSICALS one bc i love you so much

pop (i guess):

Railway - BOY

Academia - Sia 

Call Out The Beast - Lissie

Half Asleep - School of Seven Bells 

Empire - Jukebox the Ghost

La fée - Zaz


Radio - Memphis (dance scene)

All I Do Is Dream of You - Singin’ in the Rain

Carrying the Banner - Newsies (dancing on Good Morning America)

(The) History of Wrong Guys - Kinky Boots (scene)

Electricity - Billy Elliot (scene and dance)

Live in Living Color - Catch Me If You Can (scene)

its perfect omfg

thank u

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oh my god


emily would never, ever, check out spencer’s mom.


or. she didn’t think she would until the thought floats through her mind, totally unbidden, that mrs. hastings’ ass looks incredible in that skirt suit.

she’s horrified.

she shakes her head to clear it and notices hanna has a strange expression on her face across the counter. “something wrong?” she asks.

hanna shakes her head. “i’m experiencing a lot more shame than i usually do.”

ass-emble sent: steve/bucky/natasha road trip and/or sharing a bed!

oh god so like roadtrip there are sO many options but i feel like

has steve even seen the west coast?

like. has steve actually been to california.

so nat (who in comics canon lived in san francisco for a while) wants to show cap san francisco and steve wants to do it and they both want bucky to come so much that he agrees to go

when they leave new york steve is excited and bucky is scared and natasha is aloof, and when they get to the bay they’re all just reverent, because they’ve seen the nation together, they’ve been on a journey together, from sea to shining sea, and there the sea is, shining before them. bucky feels at peace and steve feels understood and natasha feels humbled.

they’ve been sleeping in shifts and driving through the night—none of them needs that much sleep, biologically speaking, and none of them gets that much, emotionally sleeping. when one of them’s asleep the dynamic of the car changes, steve and tasha playing dumb roadtrip games, nat and bucky sitting in silence and appreciating each other, bucky and steve shakily ribbing each other and marveling at the things they see

but in san francisco they put on scarves and hats and sunglasses and check into a cheap motel room and when they unlock it they find out it only has one bed, but they’ve been living in each other’s pockets anyway so they all fall into it

natasha wakes up a few hours later with bucky’s metal hand carding through her hair, steve’s leg tangled up with hers, bucky’s other hand flung up on the pillow and steves fingers loosely touching it. the boys are still asleep and she doesn’t wake them, just closes her eyes again and waits for the sunrise.


Ukraine’s ‘Jew Register’ Either a Hoax or a Crude Extortion Scheme



If you saw the article earlier today or yesterday regarding, please spread this around. The outrage to the original thing was understandable, but people do need to know what is going on. 

Good to finally know the source. People weren’t sure of the source of the fliers to begin with, but Time’s claim that “the Jews of eastern Ukraine are in little danger” is bullshit considering:

Several anti-Semitic attacks, including a stabbing and the attempted torching of a synagogue, have occurred in Ukraine since the eruption in November of a revolution over the perceived pro-Russian policies of former President Viktor Yanukvych. He was ousted from power in February. [source]

and these are just some selected antisemitic hate crimes in Ukraine that have happened within the last few months:

  • March 13, 2014 - Kiev - A rabbi was physically assaulted and taunted with anti-Semitic slurs by two unidentified individuals.
  • February 28, 2014 – Simferopol – Vandals spray painted “Death to the Jews” and swastikas on the outside of the Ner Tamid Reform Synagogue in the capital of Ukraine’s Crimean republic.  
  • February 24, 2014 – Zaporozhye – Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Giymat Rosa synagogue and community center.  No one was hurt in the nighttime attack, although the building suffered exterior cosmetic damage.  
  • January 26. 2014 – Kiev – A Jewish man returning from synagogue was assaulted by an unknown attacker. The attack was the third such incident within two weeks.

  • January 17, 2014 - Kiev - A 28 year-old Yeshiva student was beaten and stabbed by three youths as he was walking home from synagogue services. He managed to return to the synagogue where he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery on his foot.

  • January 11, 2014 - Kiev - An Israeli-born Hebrew teacher was followed home from synagogue services and beaten by four men. [source]

It’s also important to understand how incredibly antisemitic this act was, even if it was a form of political bullshit - the ADL basically said that it was just that awhile ago, but there was a lot of confusion around the source of the fliers and that doesn’t change how incredibly antisemitic this act was.

Basically, even though others and I stressed we weren’t sure of the sources of the flyers but that it’s an act of terrorism and violence even it came from a small group of bigots, I know that goyim are going to try to silence discussions of antisemitism in Europe and Ukraine because it turned out to not be the government. We said early on we weren’t sure as we spread information, but it’s never enough. People are going to find reason to discredit us and silence discussion of the escalating threats of antisemitism happening around the world like they always do.